Contacting Me

In order to call me, it should be free, for me at least, so call away! It will save me money!

At this point in time, the mailing system in Sierra Leone is relatively fragile, packages and letters do get lost at a regular basis so keep that in mind. Peace Corps staff here say that it takes on average two weeks to a month for a letter to arrive, and two to four months for packages to arrive. Do not send me valuable items that you think I can’t go without. With that being said, care packages are most welcome!! I have some advice that seems to be pretty consistent among returned Peace Corps volunteers. When writing on packages or letters, it might be a good idea to write in read ink and address me as one or more of the following: The Most Honourable, Chief, Pastor, King, God is Watching, or any other imposing title you can think of. Just to ensure that anyone with sticky fingers who reads my “title” will think twice before rummaging through the contents of my letter/package. Of course DHL is an option for sending time sensitive packages but it is very expensive to do so, and I will have to pay a hefty fee in order to actually pick up the package.