18 July 2010

Bumbuna, Sierra Leone

So I finally found out where I will be posted for the next two years: Bumbuna, Sierra Leone. I don’t have much time on to post, but here is what I know about my village/worksite:

Approximate population: 7000

School location: St. Matthew’s est. 1978. It is a Government assisted mixed school (Junior Secondary School 317 and Senior Secondary School 18). The advantage to those numbers is that my class size will be small for the first year, but once those JSS kids come up to the SSS level, the class sizes will be on par with the average Sierra Leonean classroom.

Languages spoken: Majority Temne and some Limba

My house will be a two bedroom house with a parlor, outdoor house and outdoor kitchen and a palm tree, with ample space to start a mini garden or farm if I want. Bumbuna itself had a market every day so finding food won’t be an issue. Another plus is that I’m in the north, and the weather is much cooler then the southern part of Sierra Leone, although I’m a bit isolated from the most of the other volunteers. My supervisor in Bumbuna, Theresa Mabinty Conteh, was educated by a Peace Corps volunteer back in the day so its special for me and no doubt for her (I’m pretty certain of that) to be interacting with a Peace Corps volunteer once again. Later this week, we will have our site visits, and spend 4 days living my ourselves at our sites in order to orient ourselves at our site and workd situation, and figure out what we will need once we move permanently. We will also be asked to find our own way back to Bo via public transportation so that it wont be so intimidating to do it by ourselves the next time

I have one small request before I have to go:

If there are any RPCVs who have anymore information on Bumbuna, Sierra Leone please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Some quick updates:

We went to Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary yesterday and hiked in the forest and spotted some monkeys (Red Colobus monkey and cool birds (Yellow Casqued hornbill and African-Pied hornbill) that I have never seen before.

Summer school is almost over at Ahmadiyya Senior Secondary School. There were two terms and right now we are grading exams and putting together progress reports for the awards that will go to the brightest student. It has been a rewarding experience, more on that later.

And we are now officially down to 38 volunteers. Mylinda unfortunately has left us and it was sad to see her go, more on that later

A bad picture of a Red Colobus monkey, but well worth the effort
Kat, Gavina, and I showing off our chalk stained hands. If you look closely, you will see that I have some trouble keeping chalk of my clothes.


Letters from Sierra Leone said...

Bumbuna, cool. Rings a bell, but I don't remember who I know/knew who might have been there. Hmm.


Susan said...

Kusheh, Ikenna! So you're going North, huh? Cool! I hope your site visit was great! We never had such an opportunity back in 1981--you are very lucky to have the chance to go to your site for a short visit before finally settling in there; I'm sure it's very helpful. I never made it to your area, so I'm really looking forward to reading future blog entries by you. So far, things sound like they are going very well and I hope everything continues that way. Take care!

FrenchNBlack said...

Do you know anyone that was out there from 78 to 81 or so?